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Limited Edition 2015

Limited Edition - Ten prints available in steel and they are also waterproof - Great for an outdoor feature wall! Two metres long by approx 60 cm wide. With Limited Edition and date stamped at the back of print. These are ready to hang. This picture was awarded First place in the Australian Photographic Society (APS) National Competition in 2013.

Titled: Surviving the Journey

Photographer: Sharon Hu

A lonely baby turtle sitting on the beach looks out into the open ocean. He’s just been hatched, along with a few of his siblings that crawled out of its sandy nest where their mother laid her eggs and was never seen again. He looks out into the ocean before heading out for the first time, but for a turtle’s life, it’s a 1 in a 1000 chance to survive, every moment counts.

$ 1599 un-framed

$ 2089 framed


Printed on canvas

Approx A2 size

All Aboard!

Photographer: Sharon Hu

These pelicans take on a magical boat ride by the seaside. They form a sense of community in our environment, a family, a sense of belonging, and most of all they have each other.

$ 320

Printed on metal and weatherproof, with a red coloured wooden frame. Approx A2 size.

Love is in the Air (image above)

Photographer: Sharon Hu

A beautiful scene in Fremantle, and there is so much to love about this place. The history, markets, coffee, and art……

It’s a place to step into at any old time.

$ 395

Printed on textured paper with coastal white wooden framed. Approx A1 size.

At Land’s Edge (image above)

Photographer: Sharon Hu

The Western Australian coastline has a natural serenity to showcase its biodiversity. The colours light up the formation, and the coastline offers a place for a range of marine life in which they call home.

$ 589

Printed on metal, 1.8 metres long and weatherproof.

Stairway to the Moon

Photographer: Sharon Hu

At low tide, the moon shines bright onto the rippled sandy beach, creating a stairway to the moon effect. The shiny gloss print adds to the moon reflection.

$ 179 - small 10” x 30” (printed on canvas)

$ 889 - large 20” x 60” (printed on metal)

Printed on metal and weatherproof, approx A3+ size

Tranquility (image above)

Photographer: Sharon Hu

A lonely boat by the shore, the sea green colour of the ocean, and this peaceful scenery makes this place an inviting retreat to unwind and to rest a-shore. This photograph was taken in Denham, Western Australia.

$ 169

Cloud Cover (image above)

Photographer: Sharon Hu

A coastal scenery with lots of red and vibrant colours. Abundant rocks scattered along a coastline, carved, shaped and re-shaped by intense cyclones, wind and waves. The rock highlights its natural beauty as it sits under a cloud. This photograph was taken in Broome, Western Australia.

$ 429 printed on canvas with brown 3D pop up frame

Printed on Stainless steel and weatherproof

Boab Tree (image above)

A peaceful outback serenity. A tree of life that brings happiness, joy and peace to all. This photograph was taken in Derby, Western Australia.

$14 each - small 5” x 7”

$ 165 - medium 12” x 18”

$ 549 - medium 16” x 24”

$ 689 - large 20”x 30”

Printed on canvas and wood mounted with white frame. Approx A2 size.

Open Waters (image above)

Photographer: Sharon Hu

Taken at Hamelin Bay, Western Australia, cloudy dark skies and moody waters set the scene. The old jetty structure provides serenity at the shore, while it tries to keep standing as the waters brush beneath its feet.

$ 298

Printed on metal and weatherproof. Approx A2 size, Two printed in gallery.

Fisherman Boats (image above)

Photographer: Sharon Hu

The iconic boats at the Fremantle harbour brings life to the fishing community. A place we enjoy for fish and chips.

$ 389 and $ 429

Printed on metal and weatherproof. Approx A3+ size.

By the Windmill (image above)

Photographer: Sharon Hu

A country side in Esperance, Western Australia… a lone windmill and an old car sitting on the edge of a dry dam. Wide open spaces create many viewpoints to capture the essence of agricultural life on the south coast. Life on the farm means hardship, from cropping on sandplain soils in Esperance, to harvesting canola. Capturing this moment in time is just part of a story.

$ 179

Printed on textured paper with coastal white wooden framed. Approx A1 size.

Attack of the Chip Hungry Seagulls (image above)

Photographer: Sharon Hu

These seagulls are home to the beaches of Fremantle. Watch out for them, or it could be your last chip!

$ 379

Beautifully framed in white and black. Approx A3+ panoramic.

The Black Sheep (image above)

Photographer: Sharon Hu

There is a trouble maker in every pack, or a black beauty in the horizon. This black sheep joins in the crowd and travels across the Esperance sandy paddocks.

$ 419



More Landscapes


Tuscany region, Italy

Venice & Surrounds

House of Colour (image above)

Photographer: Sharon Hu

The colours of these houses shine bright in sunny Venice in Italy. House art could be the next big thing.

$ 349 (printed on metal, A2 size)

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